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chassis/xxHP series

VME J1 chassis for modular electronics & photonics


chassis/xxHP is a VME chassis with VME J1 backplane and power supply included.
VME is a widely used standard, specially suited for applications needing a high number of cards and frequency bandwidths below 100 MHz. Another advantage of VME standard is its cost-efectiveness.
It features 4U height. It accepts 3U cards (160mm depth) and has 0.5U space below and above the cards for optimum cooling and secondary connection space.
It is offered in three widths: 28HP, 42HP and 84HP.
If forced convection system is needed, an optional 0.5U multi acial fan system is offered, fitting the chassis space above the cards.
The chassis backplane includes 5V power supply in the rear space. Power input is supplied by an AC input (85-265VAC) in the rear panel.
chassis/xxHP are the base platform for Luz Wavelabs Electronics and Photonics modules. These include our powerful system-on-module SOM/E and the LDC/E series for current and temperature control of high performance laser diodes


  • 4U height:
    3U 160mm depth cards
    0.5U top and  bottom for cooling and connections
  • 28HP, 42HP and 84 HP versions
  • Power supply included
  • Optional 0.5U fan tray convection system fitting inside the chassis

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  • Base platform for Luz Wavelabs Electronics and Photonics modules:
  • Custom VME J1 system applications