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  • High performance RoF links up to 70 GHz

    trx/P, custom
    Custom RoF links up to 70 GHz. Low NF, high Gain, high SFDR

  • Photonic ADCs beyond 40 GHz

    pulse/P, custom
    Photonic Analog to Digital converters allow to digitalize signals even beyond 40 GHz. Robust and stable designs

  • Ultra broadband signal generation 0.02 to 110 GHz

    pure/mm allows a ultra wide band signal generation covering the entire coaxial range (110 GHz)

  • Custom electronic warfare systems

    Our expertise in microwave photonics and our modular platform allows a fast and cost effective HW-SW development for the most demanding challenges


  • Radar target simulator

    trx/P, delay/P, MPPI, custom
    Optical delay lines with optional programmable delay values. True time delay to test and simulate radar targets

  • True Time Delays for RF signals

    trx/P, delay/P, MPPI, custom
    True Time Delays for RF signal processing and phased arrays

  • Phased Arrays

    trx/P, delay/P, MPPI, custom
    RoF systems allow point to multipoint signal distribution to the array elements with mechanical flexibility, low weight and EMI immunity


  • Continuous RF signal generation from 0.02 to 110 GHz

    pure/mm provides in a single system continuos frequency tuning from 0.02 to 110 GHz. It reduces time, cost and uncertainty for wide band measurements

  • High performance modular instrumentation systems

    MPPI, custom
    Precision and ultra low noise current sources, voltage sources, TEC controllers, instrumentation amplifiers and custom modules

  • Signal distribution in anechoic chambers

    Distributing signals to an antenna under measurement using RoF reduces the errors related to the coaxial cables (conductors) inside the chamber


  • TIme & Frequency distribution

    trx/P, MPPI, custom
    GPS, Galileo, Iridium, Rubidium and other references and signals can be remotely distributed using TRX/P with low losses and EMI immunity


  • RF mast distribution

    trx/P, MPPI, custom
    RoF is ideal to distribute radar and communication signals to the mast

  • Maritime optical comms

    trx/P, MPPI, custom
    Our modular platform allows cost effective and flexible maritime communication systems

  • Time & frequency distribution

    trx/P, MPPI, custom
    Low losses, remote distribution, lightweight, mechanical flexibility and EMI immunity


  • Towed decoys

    Our small form factor RoF transceivers are ideal components for compact and lightweigth towed decoys

  • RoF links

    trx/P, MPPI, custom
    To reduce weight, have EMI immunity and mechanical flexibility


  • Inter Facility Links (IFL)

    trx/P, MPPI, custom
    Custom RoF systems and components for both uplink and downlink

  • Distributed Antenna Systems / UHF-VHF

    trx/P, MPPI, custom
    RoF links for DAS and inter-antenna distribution of UHF / VHF signals


  • Photonics Integrated Circuits

    pulse/P, custom
    We can deliver PICs through in-house capabilites (specification, characterization) and reference partners (design, manufacturing, packaging)


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