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Switchable RF optical fiber delay


delay/P is a switchabe optical RF fiber delay. It is a system that introduces a user configurable time delay in an RF signal. This delay is introduced using a Radio-over-Fiber system that offers much higher performance than acoustic or coaxial delay lines. RoF systems provide constant delay and repeatable phase and group delay in a broad frequency range. Moreover, the use of optical fibers also delivers EMI immunity, high stability against temperature changes and high mechanical flexibility.
delay/p provides 2^N switchable delays (number of bits N) whose values depend on the fiber reels lengths connected to the system (N+1 fiber reels). In addition, these fiber reels are user accessible and fully replaceable for maximum flexibility and reconfigurability.
delay/p is available in OEM version that provides a direct user interface (with no microcontrollers or intermediate communication protocol) based in a DB15 connector that includes monitoring signals, control signals and power supply so easy and flexible integration as subsystem is allowed.
Custom specifications are supplied upon request.


  • Radar target simulator and radar testing and certification
  • Electronic warfare systems
  • Phase array antennas processing
  • Signal processing


  • Different bandwidths available. Standard versions 30-3000 MHz and 30-6000 MHz
  • Different number of delays available. Standard version 2 bits (4 delays fully accessible and reconfigurable by the user)
  • Benchtop and OEM versions available
  • Custom RoF link parameters (Noise Figure, Link Gain, RF input and output power) upon request.

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