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High performance, ultra low noise current driver module for laser diodes


LDC/E-Currentx00 modules are the new reference for ultra low noise current control, with current noise density down to 300 pA/rtHz, even much lower than benchtop, battery operated ultra low noise controllers from other manufacturers.

LDC/E is a Laser Diode Controller platform. LDC/E series are high performance modules for current and temperature control of laser diodes.

LDC/E-Currentx00 are current driver modules with high current resolution, ultra low noise, and high resolution ADC for accurate measurement of the anode-cathode voltage, especially useful  for optical power measurement in laser with no monitor photodiode or for injection locking applications. Two versions are available: 200 mA and 500 mA.

OEM versions are offered for integration in two versions (remote control and potentiometer-based control). Do not hesitate to let us know your OEM need for laser control, we offer high performance at best price.

LDC/E series are modules to be used with our smart chassis (chassis/xxHP and SOM/E). Thus, high connectivity and full LabVIEW compatibility is offered.




  • Ultra high resolution. 20 bits DAC
  • Ultra low noise
  • Floating output. Compatible with all laser diodes configurations
    Ultra high resolution anode-cathode voltage readout. Especially useful for advanced control and monitoring needs (i.e. optical injection locking, absence of monitor photodiode…)
  • Laser diode safety features.
  • Constant current operation. Constant voltage/power operation soon
  • Powerful GUI. Soft panel concept.
  • OEM versions available

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  • Laser diode control
  • Modular platform for research, development and production
  • Laser diode testing
  • Tunable laser control
  • High resolution optical spectroscopy
  • High performance Radio-over-Fiber systems: radar, electronic warfare.
  • Laser integration
  • OEM laser applications