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Ultra stable and high resolution temperature control module for laser diodes

LDC/E is a Laser Diode Controller platform. LDC/E series are high performance modules for current and temperature control of laser diodes.

LDC/E-Temp3 temperature / TEC  driver module is a high resolution, highly stable TEC controller with highly configurable PID settings through a graphical interface with visual representation of the step response and several manual and several automatic configurations of the PID parameters.

OEM versions are offered for integration in two versions (remote control and potentiometer-based control). Do not hesitate to let us know your OEM need for laser control, we offer high performance at best price.

LDC/E series are modules to be used with our smart chassis (chassis/xxHP and SOM/E). Thus, high connectivity and full LabVIEW compatibility is offered.




  • Ultra high resolution (better than 0.0002 ºC). 24 bits ADC thermistor measurement
  • High temperature stability (0.001 ºC)
  • ±3 A TEC current
  • Highly customizable PID loop, with several method for auto-calibration and graphical step response
  • For 10 kΩ thermistor NTC sensors. More sensors available soon

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  • Laser diode control
  • Modular platform for research, development and production
  • Laser diode testing
  • Tunable laser control
  • High resolution optical spectroscopy
  • High performance Radio-over-Fiber systems: radar, electronic warfare.
  • Laser integration
  • OEM laser applications