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Tunable and compact optical frequency comb

Product overview.

pulse/P is an optical comb generator that can be used as both flat-coherent multimode optical source or as picosecond optical pulse generator. It integrates a high quality RF reference for active control of the frequency spacing between lines which is also provided to the user for synchronization purposes. Moreover, when the optical comb is not being used, pulse/P can be used as a stand-alone RF synthesizer, thus maximizing flexibility and reducing equipment count.
pulse/P relies in a special design that provides an improved flatness, high coherence between optical modes and a high number of optical lines in a compact and cost-effective system. The optical lines are referenced to the internal high quality RF synthesizer, thus maximizing coherence and jitter performance. The frequency spacing is tunable in a wide range with high resolution, with active control of the modulation signals phase for automatic optimum flatness point. Nanometer-range tunability of the central wavelength is also offered.


  • Optical metrology
  • Optical spectroscopy
  • Dual comb applications
  • Sub-THz signal generation

Main features

  • Several optical spans available (10 dB bandwidth: 140 GHz, 400 GHz, custom)
  • Active frequency spacing control:
    Wide frequency spacing tunability (8-12 GHz) with high resolution (down to 1 mHz).
    User accessible RF reference for synchronization purposes
    Automatic configuration of optimum flatness in each frequency point
  • High flatness
  • High coherence, low jitter
  • Wavelength tunable (>2 nm range)
  • Stand-alone use of the internal high quality RF synthesizer: less equipment count and maximum flexibility.

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