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World´s first coaxial 2-110 GHz signal generator


pure/mm is a product currently under development. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or custom development of this product.

Expected market release in 2019.

pure/mm is the world´s first coaxial ultra-broadband signal generator covering from 2 to 110 GHz in a same system. It does not use external multipliers and offers ultra-fine continuous tunability. The signal generation technology that pure/mm employs (pure technology) allows to offer low phase noise, high frequency resolution (down to 0.01 Hz) and an astonishing frequency range.
Pure technology combines electronic and photonic techniques in order to achieve a signal quality similar to electronic based traditional systems and a broad frequency range provided by the use of photonic techniques. Moreover, it allows the usage of optical signal processing and modulation (e.g. low cost, high quality 40 GHz electro-optic modulators), remote signal distribution and generation with very low losses (below 1 dB/km), EMI immunity and very high flexibility and mechanical advantages due to the use of optical fiber.
Pure/mm has a coaxial SMA output for frequencies below 20 GHz and a W1 coaxial output for frequencies from 20 to 110 GHz. When frequencies above 20 GHz are delivered, the SMA port provides a subharmonic reference between 8 and 12 GHz for synchronization purposes.



  • 2-110 GHz mm-wave synthesizer (2-20 GHz, SMA output; 16-110 GHz W1 output).
  • Continuous tunability with high frequency resolution (down to 0.01 Hz at 100 GHz).
  • Low phase noise
  • Remote signal distribution and generation
  • Multitarget signal generation using one seed system and small sized headers.
  • Allows optical signal processing and modulation
  • EMI immunity

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  • Signal generation and reference
  • Mm-wave spectroscopy
  • Mm-wave wireless communications
  • Radar systems and testing
  • Electronic warfare