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Ultra-broadband, ultra-high signal quality CW THz spectrometer


pure/T is a product currently under development. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or custom development of this product.

pure/T is a ultra high quality CW terahertz spectrometer. It is the world´s first ultra-broadband THz spectrometer covering from 50 to 700 GHz that offers Hz-range linewidth and frequency resolution. The signal generation technology that pure/T employs (pure technology) allows to offer low phase noise, high frequency resolution (down to 0.1 Hz at 1 THz) and an astonishing frequency range.
Pure technology combines electronic and photonic techniques in order to achieve a signal quality similar to electronic based traditional systems and a broad frequency range provided by the use of photonic techniques. Moreover, it allows the usage of optical signal processing and modulation (e.g. low cost, high quality 40 GHz electro-optic modulators), remote signal distribution and generation with very low losses (below 1 dB/km), EMI immunity and very high flexibility and mechanical advantages due to the use of optical fiber.
Pure/T has a Tx and Rx header that can be flexible positioned. Optionally, a same header with Tx and Rx can be used. Pure/T integrates all the detection electronics to provide an easy to use and high performance sub-THz and THz spectrometer.



  • 50-700 GHz spectrometer. Higher frequency ranges available upon request
  • Continuous tunability with high frequency resolution (down to 0.1 Hz at 1000 GHz).
  • Low phase noise (Hz range linewdith of the generated THz signals)
  • Flexible and small Tx and Rx headers for operation in harsh enviroments
  • Remote signal distribution and generation
  • Multitarget signal generation using one seed system and small sized headers.
  • Allows optical signal processing and modulation
  • EMI immunity

Contact us for any technical question, quotation inquiry or order


  • Sub-THz and THz ultra-high resolution spectroscopy
  • Bio and pharma
  • Materials
  • Industrial quality control
  • Homeland security


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