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High performance LabVIEW-based control module (FPGA, RT Dual Core Processor, high and low speed DACs and ADCs)


SOM/E (LabVIEW VME control module) is a high performance VME J1 control module fully compatible with NI LABVIEW and NI RIO platform (Real-Time, Embedded).

It features a NI sbRIO-9651 System-On-Module that includes a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA and a Real-Time Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 (with Real-Time NI Linux OS).

SOM/E includes a High Speed module for the most demanding high speed digital applications. This module comprises an ADC and a DDS stage. The first is a two-channel, 14 bits, 80 MSPS ADC with an integraded digital downconverter for frequencies up to 70 MHz and extensive signal monitoring. The second is a High Speed DDS with 14 bits, 400 MSPS, high resolution and programmable phase and amplitude dithering.

An additional auxiliar connector enables high flexibility for any application, including a high number of analog monitor and control lines (12x 12 bits DACs, 16x 12 bits, 500 kSPS ADCs), auxiliar SPI, 13 DIOs and 2 auxiliar trigger lines (In and Out).

SOM/E provides high connectivity, with Gigabit LAN, USB (Host and Device) and internal RS485 (1) and RS232 (3) connectors.

SOM/E is the control card for our chassis/xxHP series. Together, they make a high performance, powerful and flexible platform for the most demanding needs in a wide variety of applications and markets.


  • NI sbRIO-9651 SOM with Xilinx Zynq 7020 (Artix-7 FPGA + Dual-core ARMCortex-A9 with Real-Time NI Linux OS)
  • High speed dual channel  ADC 14-bits 80 MSPS / IF receiver up to 70 MHz
  • High speed DDS 14-bits 400 MSPS
  • Auxiliar header with 12 DACs, 15 ADCs, 13 DIOs, SPI, Trigger In, Trigger Out
  • LAN, USB
  • VME J1 format (160 mm depth)

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  • Control module for Luz Wavelabs Electronics and Photonics modules:
  • Custom VME J1 system applications


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