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Legal and privacy notice


Identity of the owner of the website This information and legal notice regulates the use of the website service, available under the domain: LUZ WAVELABS is a trade name included on the above-mentioned Website and it is the object of this legal notice of LUZWAVELABS, which is a service provider in an in an information society and acts in accordance with the retulations of the Law 34/2002 of 11 July 2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

LUZ WAVELABS is a trade name which is owned by LUZ WAVELABS, S.L, a Spanish entity located at Avda. Gregorio Peces Barba, 1, 28919 Leganés (Madrid). The email adress for customer support is  and the contact telephone number is (0034) 910052210. The Company is registered in the Madrid Commercial Register with number of C.I.F: B86771359.
The Website is owned by LUZ WAVELABS, S.L. which reserves the right to make at any time and without prior warning any changes in the information contained on its Website or in its configuration or presentation. The owner holds all the copyrights to all the contents of the Website either in its own right or by assignment or agreements with third parties.

The user should be agreed to this terms of use. Any damage produced or security attack that maybe affect the personal information, LUZWAVELABS will inform the AEPD and the user in 3 days, according with the new law. LUZWAVELABS will not be responsible for any consequences, damage or losses resulting from accessing or using the information on the mentioned Website or from accessing other subjects on the Internet through links with this Website. It will not be responsible, which the user also acknowledges, for any computer problems or errors caused by computer viruses, worms, malicious software or other socially engineered attacks (phishing, pharming, Trojans etc.) that a third party might have maliciously placed on its servers, during the time frame until reactive protection measures available to this entity have been applied. If users notice any operation error or strange behaviour of the site, they can send an e-mail to the above-mentioned address. It is prohibited to access the materials on this Website by means of automated systems which can provoke damages to the owner of the Website by making it impossible to objectively count the number of users.

In case a user makes a contract through a relationship established via e-mail, the right of withdrawal will not apply due to the professional character of the services.



Conditions of the use of the website:

The contents and information provided through comply with the current legislation and are owned by LUZ WAVELABS, S.L. or have been purchased or used with rightful titles.

The owner of the Website may offer through the Website services or products subject to their specific conditions that, according to the case in hand, may replace, complete and/or modify these Conditions, and about which Users will be informed in each specific case.

The use of the Website attributes the status of User, and implies full and unreserved acceptance by the User of each and every one of the provisions set out in this Legal Notice, in the version published by LUZ WAVELABS, S.L., in the moment of accessing the Website. As a result, the User must read attentively this Legal Notice on each occasion of using the Website, as the Notice may undergo changes.

The User undertakes to use the Website, its contents and services in compliance with law, this Legal Notice, the privacy policy, good practices and public order. Accordingly, the User undertakes not to use the Website or the services on it provided for purposes or with effects that are illegal or against this Legal Notice, harmful to the interests or rights of third parties, or that can in any way damage, render useless or deteriorate the Website or its services, or prevent normal enjoyment of the Website by other Users.

The User likewise undertakes expressly not to destroy, alter, render useless or in any other way damage the data, programmes or electronic documents and any other material found on this Website.

The User undertakes not to introduce programmes, viruses, macros, controls or any other logical device or character sequence that cause or are likely to cause any type of alteration in the computer systems of the owner of the Website or of third parties.

The User accepts and declares having read this Legal Notice and Privacy Policy. If not, the User should leave the Website in this moment.

The activity is not subject to administrative authorisation nor committed to any code of conduct, except for the good faith, custom and the Civil Code.


This Website may contain advertising contents or be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that the material sent for inclusion on the Website complies with the relevant applicable laws and consents. The owner of the Website will not be liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that advertising or sponsorship content may contain. It will not be liable for damages to sensitivity that the advertising or other material may provoke in the Users or visitors of the Website. For information on persons under age, please consult the Privacy Policy.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the contents of the Website, unless otherwise stated, are exclusively owned by its owner or by third parties, including but not limited to graphic design, source codes, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, pictures, developments, projects and other elements that appear on the Website.

At the same time, all the trade names, brands or distinguishing signs of any type on the Website are protected by law.

The owner of the Website does not grant to Users or visitors any kind of licence or authorisation of personal use of its intellectual and industrial property rights or of any other right related to its Website and the services there offered.

All the rights reserved. The User or visitor acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, commercialisation, transformation and, in general, any type of exploitation in any way of all or part of the contents of this Website constitutes an infringement of intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the owner of the Website or the owner of the mentioned rights, and as such is considered an offence under the criminal code and is strictly forbidden.

Responsability for the Use of the Website

Users are solely liable for breaches they may incur or harm they may cause by using this Website or its contents, whereas the owner of the Website, its partners, providers, collaborators, employees and representatives remain exonerated of all liability that may arise from Users’ actions.

The owner of the Website will make all reasonable efforts and use all reasonable means to provide up-to-date and reliable information on the Website, however, the owner does not guarantee there will be no errors or potential inaccuracies and/or omissions in the contents available on the Website.

Users are solely liable for any claim or legal action, in or out of court, filed by other users or third parties against the owner of the Website, based on a User’s or a third party’s use of the Website or its content. If appropriate, Users will assume any expenses, costs and indemnities charged to the owner of the Website as a result of such claims or legal actions.

Responsability for the Functioning of the Website
The owner of the Website excludes any liability that may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system, due to causes beyond the control of the owner of the Website.

The owner of the Website also excludes any liability that may arise from delays or blockages in the operation of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloading of the telephone lines or the Internet, as well as harm caused by third parties through illegitimate intromissions beyond the control of the owner of the Website.

The owner of the Website is authorized to suspend temporarily, and without previous warning, the accessibility to the Website on the occasion of operations of maintenance, repair, update or improvement.

Responsibility for links
The owner of the Website is exempt from any liability for information appearing outside of this Website, as the links that appear on the site are solely to inform Users of the existence of other sources of information on specific matters or for purposes of advertising.

Policy regarding Personal Data obtained via the Website
Notwithstanding what is indicated in each of the Website forms, even when Users provide their personal data, they also will have their consent to authorising the owner of the Website to process their personal information for the purposes indicated therein or in the Privacy Policy. The owner of the Website will incorporate the information provided by Users in a file it owns, of which the Spanish Data Protection Agency is duly informed and which complies with the current legislation.

Users or their representatives may exercise their rights of access, rectification, erasure or objection, in a written and signed request directed to the address indicated in the section “Privacy Policy” of this Website.

You are hereby informed that the IP data of the subscriber from which you connect to this Website will also be stored within time limits set out in the current legislation, after which they will be automatically deleted, for the sake of security and cooperation with the law.

Use of cookies

Pursuant to Article 22.2 of the Law on Information Society Services users must be provided with clear and comprehensive information on the use of data storage and recovery devices and, in particular, on the purposes of the data processing, in accordance with the General Practice Research Database. In this respect, cookies will be used. They are small files whose aim is to remember visited pages to facilitate future web surfing. You may delete the cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser. At any time, you may delete all the cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser. As a user of this Website you acknowledge that cookies will be deposited, if appropriate, for the sole purpose of facilitating navigation in the information society services offered by the Website, and not for any additional purposes, for which a consent is not required. In case of doubts, you have been informed of these purposes, you have received due explanation of what cookies are and what they are needed for, and you consent to them being deposited, and you are always entitled to use the browser option which will refuse or eliminate cookies at any time.


Modifications in the conditions of use
The owner of the Website reserves the right to modify, develop or update at any time and will inform the user, about the changes and how will that affect to his database. After that, the user should give his consent again,. The User will be automatically bound by the conditions of use that are effective in the moment of acceptance.

Resolution of disputes and competent jurisdiction
Any dispute that may arise in connection with application of this Legal Notice shall be decided before the Courts and Tribunals of the country of the owner of the Website.



The owner of the Website is LUZ WAVELABS, S.L.., a Spanish entity that is also the owner of and responsible for all the files with personal information provided voluntarily by the users, and it has taken all the legally required safety measures for the protection of the data and of the users’ privacy.

The processing of the personal data carried out through this Website complies with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 and with the applicable safety measures pursuant to the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December 2007.

They will be asked for data that is strictly necessary to achieve the aims of the Website, i.e. information and promotion of our services and products, available on our Website. In no case will data be used for any other purposes than those for which they have been voluntarily provided on the Website.

Personal data provided by the users will form part of a personal data file. Those personal data will be processed provided that users have given their prior consent by clicking the “Log in” button or by introducing their e-mail address, and the user will be entitled to revoke the consent at any time.

Users who provide their personal data to the owner of the Website by any means described, and at any time, give their consent and acknowledge expressly, precisely and unequivocally:

– That the aim of the entry of personal data in the file and their processing is the development and delivery of services through the Website, as well as maintaining relations between the Website and its users.

– That they will be informed of the mandatory or optional character of their answers to the questions presented, as well as of the consequences of providing or denying the information. Thus, the user must fill all the mandatory fields of the data form at the time of registering on the Website, since if the fields are not filled and the form is not accepted, such a person will not be able to be a user of the Website or to receive the requested information.

– That they are permanently entitled to access their data, and can therefore consult the contact details in order to access, modify or erase completely and directly all their data.
– That they authorize LUZ WAVELABS, S.L.. to use their data for the purposes indicated at the time of contracting particular services or products or at the time of offering a design or even at the time of proposing a design in exchange for a price, and they also give their consent to the use of cookies for the specific and concrete purposes stated at all times in the Legal Notice.

– That at any time they are entitled to withdraw their consent by a notification sent to the Website through channels established for this purpose.

– That they have expressly authorized, in case of having clicked on the “Newsletter” check box, that it will be sent to their e-mail addresses provided in the register of our entity.

– That they have expressly authorized, in case of having introduced their e-mail address, that this entity will send to their e-mail address provided in the register a bulletin with news about the entity.

– That in case of using a contact form they authorize this entity to send to their e-mail address a reply to their request.

User Information

We do collect the data of the IP (Internet Protocol) assigned to the subscriber of the telephone line in the moment of connection with this Website for purposes of safety (protection against attacks) and cooperation with the law. The data will be stored by the service provider within time limits established by the current legislation.

Right to Access. The user has the right to access to his personal data whenever, and ask what treatment is having.

Right to information. The user has the right to know all about the treatment, the files or whichever the user needs about the personal data.

Right to Rectification. Whenever the user needs, will have the right to modify all personal data that is wrong.

Right to Objection. If the user understands that the treatment to his personal data is not according to the first purpose, the user will have the right to object this.

Right to Cancellation. Whenever the user wants, will have the right to cancel the subscription and request all his personal data will be eliminated from the files.

These rights may be exercised after prior authentication of personality in the forms and time limits established in the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December 2007, by sending a letter to the address that appears in the Legal Notice.

The processing of the personal data and the sending of notifications by electronic means, when relevant, comply with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data and of the Law 34/2002 of 11 July 2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

Information on Persons Under Age

LUZ WAVELABS, S.L.. is not in favour of persons under 13 registering on the Website or introducing their address or email address. Those under 13 have to obtain the consent of their parents or legal representatives. If you are worried that your children will use the services of this Website,
we encourage you to supervise your children’s access to the Internet or to enable Internet surfing filters.

Changes in the Privacy Policy
LUZ WAVELABS, S.L.. reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy when appropriate. Any changes will be indicated in this website so that the users are always aware of the information gathered, of how it is used and if it is disclosed to a third party

    These general conditions set out the terms of the legal relationship resulting from contracting procedures carried out between users of the Website found at the URL http://www.LUZWAVELABS.COM, which is the property of the owner of the Website. The Clients/Users accept the General Conditions in the moment of registering on this Website, using or contracting a service, or purchasing any product. This document may be printed and stored by Users. The Owner of the Website makes available to the users an e-mail address, mentioned in the Legal Notice of the Website, so that they can ask any question concerning the General Conditions.
  2. Applicable Laws
    These General Conditions are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Spanish law, to what is regulated in the Law 7/1998 of 13 December 1998 on General Conditions of Contract, in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November 2007 by means of which the revised text for the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other supplementary laws were approved, in the Royal Decree 1906/1999 of 17 December 1999 which regulates Telephone and Electronic Contracting with General Conditions, the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, the Law 7/1996 of 15 January 1996 on Retail Trade, and in the Law 34/2002 of 11 July 2002 on Services of the Information Society and E-commerce.
  3. Regulations. Knowledge, acceptance and modification.
    These Regulations define the rights and obligations of the parties: THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE and USERS of the Website.

USERS declare that they know and accept the Regulations and that they represent the entirety of the agreements between the User and THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE, with no other written transcript being necessary, and considering each and every Regulation separate and independent from the others.

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE reserves the right to modify these clauses without notice in order to improve, remove or add both the content and the services provided. If USERS continue to other pages, it is assumed that they consult and accept the Regulations each time they use the services.

  1. Service Description
    LUZ WAVELABS is a e-commerce Company, which purchases the selling of electronic and optic products, specialized in the photonic area and teraherzt, also applicable to any of its components and accesories. The user may also have the opportunity of using the lab of the Company with the products and aplications purchased in the website for free, in order to Project development.

3.1 Subscription

Subscription is necessary to receive promotional offers from the Website.

3.2 Register

In order to be a registered user, the user shall create an account by filling the established form. Only registered users may make purchases on the website and participate in auctions, be it as a user who is requesting or launching an offer, be it as a user who has a design or a product to sell or to make it available on the website. Once registered, a user is provided with a username and a password with which he/she can access the website in order to participate in the services of interest. The password is personal and non-transferable, which means the users are solely responsible for what happens through their account. If unauthorised use or access by a third party is detected, the user shall inform the website about it. Users may also modify their data and get in touch with the website’s administrator. Upon registration the users undertake to provide accurate, precise and truthful information which reflect the real situation of the registered user and, as a consequence, the Website does not bear any liability due to the lack of truthfulness or accuracy of the data provided by the users.

  1. Products and Services

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE provides services and offers for sale products shown on the Website with a clear and unambiguous description at their side, including their properties.

  1. Payment system

USERS of the sites of the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE accept the method of payment which the Website determines at the moment of purchase. In case of several options, the USER accepts the chosen method of payment. The payment options are as follows: Pay Pal, bank card or cash on delivery, depending on these general conditions as well as specific properties of each product or service.

  1. Use of the Website

USERS undertake to use this website in accordance with rules of use and not to carry out activities contrary to law, morality or public order. At the same time, USERS undertake not to take actions affecting the display, extracting information or trying to access internal databases.

USERS shall not use the website of the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE to:

  1. a) make an unauthorised, false or fraudulent purchase.
    b) interfere or try to interfere with the functionality of the websites of the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE.
  2. c) obtain or try to obtain unauthorised access.

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE reserves the right to cancel orders of a USER or to deny access without prior warning, should the USER perform any of the above-mentioned activities, and to initiate the legal proceedings it deems appropriate.

  1. Disputes

In case of a dispute, the USER shall first address the issue to the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE in order to reach an amicable solution. In the event of any litigation concerning the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE the Spanish legislation shall apply, and the competence shall fall on the Courts and Tribunals of the domicile of the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE in Spain.

  1. Copyright, intellectual property and advertising

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE respects the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties.

It is prohibited to reproduce, copy, publicly disclose, distribute or modify the contents of this Website or to infringe other protected rights, unless an authorisation of the owner of those rights has been granted. The total or partial reproduction of the content of all the sites of the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE is prohibited.

The contents provided by this Website are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights and are of the exclusive ownership of THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE or, as the case may be, of natural or legal persons indicated. The intellectual property covers, apart from the content included in www.LUZWAVELABS.COM., its graphs, logotypes, designs, images, data bases, data bases’ contents and source codes used for its programming.



LUZWAVELABS.COM makes products on sale available for users, who can purchase them for a price. They are paid for through the Website via established payment methods and they are sent to the buying user/client by one of the available shipping methods.

  1. Information and communication before and after the conclusion of a contract.

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE provides, in any case, clear and precise information about the prices of the products and services offered, with the express information whether the price includes applicable taxes and if there are any shipping costs.

Prior to conclusion of a contract, THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE has informed the USER of the various procedures to be followed in order to enter into this contract, that the company will archive the electronic document so that it is available to the USER, about the technical means provided to the USER to identify and correct entry mistakes as well as about the language or languages in which the contract may be concluded.

The Owner of the Website confirms the reception of the acceptance by an e-mail sent to the USER after the conclusion of the contract. The e-mail contains information on conditions and means of exercising the right of withdrawal and termination as well as a withdrawal and revocation form.

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE will provide information about existing applicable taxes, intermediation commission charges, after sales services and commercial guarantees, in accordance with the binding legislation.

THE OWNER OF THE WEBSITE ensures the right of withdrawal for cases in which a client, after receiving an order, does not want it. The client shall bear the costs of return shipment.

If the right of withdrawal has been exercised but products or accessories are missing, or they are returned unwrapped or defective, the amount equivalent to the value of such a product or accessory shall be discounted, and in case of an essential part, the Owner of the Website shall not return the price.

  1. Order, delivery, collection and transport of the product

The orders will be made by internet, through the Website of the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE.

Collection and delivery times can vary depending on the destination and other circumstances that can occur. Nevertheless, the OWNER OF THE WEBSITE shall inform about different shipping methods and estimated time of delivery.


A) Cookies used in the website

Cookies that are being used in the website are now identified, also with its typology and function:
The LUZ WAVELABS S.L. website, service development of solutions for the terahertz (THz) and the photonic regions. In the browser you can see some cookies of this service. Depending on the previous typology it could be own, session or analitic cookies. You may find more information about it and disable the use of this cookies.
The website has a main finality of informing the users about the services offered facilitating a portal between them and the experts at LUZ WAVELABS. Cookies incorporated at this website allow to obtain information related to the number of users that enter the website, the number of websites seen, the frecuency and repetition of visitings, their length, the browser used, the operator that facilitates the service, the language, the terminal that is being used or the city that the IP is asigned. Information that allows a better and more proper service of this portal.
The rest of the cookies that are downloaded are the tecnic type. This cookies allow to store a single identifier per session through whom is posible to link the necessary data to enable the browsing in course.

Finally, a tecnic type of cookie is downloaded named cookieAcceptanceCookie, own, tecnic and session. It manages the acceptance of the user at the use of the cookies in the website, with the purpose of remembering which users have accepted and which have not, in a way that the first will not see the information on the top of the website about it.

  1. B) Acceptance of the Policy of Cookies

LUZ WAVELABS, trade name used in the website owned by LUZ WAVELABS S.L., assumes that you accept the use of cookies. However, shows information about the Policy of Cookies in the top page of any website of the portal with every start of session with the object of you being conscious about it.

At this information is posible to perform the following actions:

– Accept cookies. This warning will not be seen when entering any website of the portal during this session.

– Close. The warning is hidden in this website.

– Modify the settings. You can obtain more information about what are the cookies, know about the Policy of cookies in LUZWAVELABS and modify the settings of your browser.

  1. C) Modify the settings of the cookies

You can limit, block or erase the cookies at LUZWAVELABS or any other website using your browser. In every browser the system is different, the “Help” function will show you how to do it.