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“5G and beyond” main character at #Mobile World Congress 2017

“5G and beyond” main character at #Mobile World Congress 2017

This March the main mobile technology companies met in Barcelona at the 2017 edition of the Mobile World Congress (#MWC2017). This international conference has been consolidated as the main event for telecom, technology and innovation. A place where to take the pulse to the new developments that will revolutionize the markets in the short and long term.

As part of the Spanish Pavilion (coordinated by and contented within the framework of Digital Agenda), Luz Wavelabs team approached the city of Barcelona to identify new opportunities in the telecom sector and introduce pure/, its optoelectronic signal generation technology.

Augmented reality, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, NaaS … the week when companies like Ericsson, GSMA, IBM or Intel have unveiled their latest releases and developments. In between all of that, and apart from the re-edition of Nokia 3310, 5G has been the field that aroused the greatest interest.

Nowadays, 5G is a latent need in the telecom sector. This generation break that seems to leave far behind 4G-PPP, has consolidated as a safe bet for the next few years. But for now, it doesn´t have a clear outcome. There is no regulation set so far, frequency bands are not clear and there are no estimations about how much will this generation change cost to the industry.

However, this uncertainty surrounding the technology, that according to experts will fully land between 2020 and 2015, has not slowed down the big players. Some such as ZTE, Qualcomm or Ericsson included corners in their stands exclusively dedicated to 5G, where you could see antennas, devices and demos, for a technology that is turning into a reality.

It is at this point where pure/ technology becomes an interesting alternative.

5G development will require creating an optimized network to connect billions of new devices, as well as providing network solutions for IoT, AI, AR, etc. However, current RF technology, close to its maximum capacity, has technical limitations, especially regarding scalability beyond 5G.

As an alternative, Luz Wavelabs has proprietary optoelectronic technology for the generation of mm waves, which allows to cover continuously a wide range of frequency. In addition, it is also directly scalable up to 1 THz, providing optical fiber bandwidths in radio signals (up to 100 Gbps per channel).



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