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1 General Overview


The product LDC/E- lite is a miniature laser controller which includes one temperature controller, one current controller and digital  control and monitoring.



2 Install laser


The LDC/E- lite includes one electronic board and a laser mount. These laser mounts are user-replaceable for several pinout configuration (telecom, pump, …). Ensure that the correct mount for your laser package and pinout is installed before turning on the device.


By default, this laser mount includes zero insertion force sockets for butterfly lasers with the following pinout. Other pinouts are available under request.

3 Front view connectors


In the front side of the device you can find the power supply input, micro USB connector, and SMA connector. This USB connector is for serial connection to a computer and cannot power the device.

4 Rear view connectors

In the rear side of the device you can find the output fibre of your laser.