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1 Run the application and connect


Open the program and connect the LDC/E- lite using USB (future versions will include Wi-Fi and Ethernet). When the LDC/E- lite is connected its green Power LED will turn on.



2 Home screen


The main view to monitor the parameters will appear in the home screen:




3 Temperature control





4 Current control





5 Turning on


Enable the temperature control first. For this establish the temperature setpoint and enable the TEC control. The TEC blue LED in the Laser Mount will turn on. Wait until the temperature read reach the setpoint value, it might take some minutes. Then, the black trace in the graph will reach the green line which is the setpoint value.






Secondly, enable the current control. For this establish the current setpoint and enable the Current control. The CURRENT blue LED in the Laser Mount will turn on. A ramp will establish the final value in steps, which take some seconds.


6 Turning off


Exiting the application will safely turn off the current and TEC control. For better process, disable first the current control and wait until the temperature remains fixed. Then, turn off the TEC control and wait until the temperature remains fixed again, this time at room temperature. Then, exit the application and unplug the power supply.



7 Serial Port screen


Serial Port screen allows to select between several LDC/E- lite. However, only one device can be controlled at the same time. Future versions will solve this. Double-click your LDC/E- lite COM Port to connect to it.


8 Wi-Fi screen


Wi-Fi screen is used to set new SSID and password for Wi-Fi WPA2 connection. This will allow the LDC/E- lite to connect to our cloud service. Networks with special needs or security access (i.e. eduroam) cannot be used to connect to the cloud.


9 Configuration screen


Maximum values allowed in each control can be established in the configuration screen.


10 Exit application


Click in exit application icon. All sources will be safely turned off and the application will exit. Now you can unplug the power supply.