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LDC/E-multicurrent10 HARDWARE GUIDE

1 General Overview


The product LDC/E- multicurrent10 has ten current sources. There exists two different versions. THEY DO NOT DIFFER EXTERNALLY:

  • UP to 5V per channel (standard version). Typically used to control laser sources
  • Up to 20V per channel (high voltage version). Used to control other components like heatsinks




 2 Rear view connectors


In the rear side of the device you can find the power supply input, Ethernet connector and micro USB connector. This USB connector is used for serial connection to a computer and cannot power the device.


3 Front view connectors


In the front side of the device you can find current OUTs, Photodiodes IN and status LEDs for each of the ten current sources:



The CurrentOUT connector pinout is the following.



The PhotodiodesIN connector pinout is the following.



Both layouts corresponds to the 20-pin Samtec connector model FCS8-20-01-L-S-A-TR. 2 units of the corresponding cable, model FCF8-20-01-L-10.00-S-1, are provided for custom connection. It is important to consider that these cables have two side pins connected to GND. More information is found in this link and in the following picture, being N=20 in the LDC/E-multicurrent10.