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LDC/E-multicurrent10 QUICK START GUIDE

1 Unpacking your LDC/E- multicurrent10


In the package you will find the LDC/E- multicurrent10 unit, AC adapter, USB cable, USB memory and serial number card




2 Connect devices


Connect up to ten devices (heatsinks, lasers, resistors, … depending on your version) to multicurrent-10 ports. Make sure you connect and disconnect the devices when multicurrent-10 is off. This is very important for the system and DUT safety. Ensure that the pinout is correct. Optional LDC/E- multicurrent10-Mount available under request. See Hardware Guide for more details.

3 Connecting power


Just connect the provided AC power supply




4 User Interface

USB or Wifi connection

Your LDC/E- multicurrent10 has three communication options:

– USB. Required for first connection and Wifi configuration.

– Wifi. 2.4 GHz Wifi connection (local or with Internet Access). Available in future versions

– Ethernet. Available in future versions



5 Installing PC/LINUX/MAC application


  1. Download the last version of the application from the web or use the version included with the USB memory. You will find versions for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  2. Install the application.