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LDC/E-multicurrent10 SOFTWARE GUIDE

1 Run the application and connect


Open the program and connect the LDC/E- Multicurrent using USB (future versions will include Wi-Fi and Ethernet). A prompt will appear while the device is setting up and then the HOME screen will appear.


2 Home screen


The HOME screen is the main view to set/monitor the current sources. Each line represents each current source. Alias, Current setpoint and Enable/Disable can be set. Output voltage and status can be monitored.



3 Turning on


  • Enable the current sources to be used, either one by one or all of them at once.
  • Set the desired current/s in Setpoint/s.

After some seconds the current will be established, and after all currents are set, the voltage will be monitored in screen.

Short-circuit and open circuit are checked in each source. Be careful because currents up to 10mA will be set during this process. Not available or OFF sources will become grey coloured and their setpoints could not be changed.





4 Current control





5 Turning off


Disable one current source or all of them at once. Output current will be automatically set to zero. Turning off process will take some seconds to finish.

Future turn on will automatically set this last setpoint. Then, there is no need to set 0mA in setpoint before turning off unless 0mA will be desired in future enables. While the current source is off the setpoint cannot be changed.





6 Serial Port screen


Serial Port screen is available only when all sources are off. You can select between several LDC/E- Multicurrent. Double-click your LDC/E- Multicurrent COM Port to connect to it.


7 Serial Port screen


Serial Port screen allows to select between several LDC/E- lite. However, only one device can be controlled at the same time. Future versions will solve this. Double-click your LDC/E- lite COM Port to connect to it.


8 Connections screen


The LDC/E- Multicurrent can be connected to the internet. This will allow the LDC/E- Multicurrent to connect to our cloud service in order to get OTAs updates and/or remote monitoring. This connection can be done using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This screen is used to enable Ethernet connection or set new SSID and password for Wi-Fi WPA2 connection. Networks with special needs or security access (i.e. eduroam) cannot be used to connect to the cloud. Wi-Fi and Ethernet cannot be ON simultaneously. Thus, if Wi-Fi is turned on when Ethernet connectivity is taking place, Ethernet connection will be switched off.



Connections screen is available only when all sources are off.



9 Configuration screen


Maximum values allowed in each source can be established in the configuration screen.

10 Exit application


Click in exit application icon. All sources will be safely turned off and the application will exit. Now you can unplug the power supply.